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The Performance-Centered Asset Management is here!

When you think physical asset and value, do you think Global Value?

The purpose of the Performance-Centered Asset Management is to get the most value out of your assets. Here, we are talking Global Value; Societal and financial. The wholistic approach is based on the triple performance of Global Sustainability: People Planet Profit. Identify your vulnerabilities to keep them under control, then concentrate on the core business for optimal profit.

This is where we come in!

We intervene on-site, giving your workforce the necessary tools and strategies to develop the full potential of your assets, while keeping all major hazards under control. Your company’s asset management plan and organizing strategies will optimize the performance and longevity of your physical assets, securing not only your financial success, but also Health & Safety and Environmental; Global Success.

Optimize strategies, for a successful return on investment.”

Ultimately you need more than a software and a generic asset management plan.

Pascal CLEMENT’s P-CAM training will get your workforce to develop the skills necessary to push the management of your physical assets to an unparalleled level.

Not only will your people receive our cutting-edge P-CAM Asset Management training, our coaching services will help you implement an Organizational Strategic Plan that will bridge the gaps between departments, turning your workforce into an efficient Asset Management TEAM.

All of our training meets or exceeds industry standards. We come on-site to assess your needs in order to adapt the training program to your requirements.

The global satisfaction index for our training sessions is 94%

The appreciation index of the trainer and his expertise is 96%

(according to data collected from 411 trainees)

Our training are accessible to all, including people with disabilities, regardless of the specific conditions that may restrict your autonomy.

If necessary, do not hesitate to contact us to see how to adapt the teaching so you can take full advantage of it.

Certification QUALIOPI

Canadian training organization accredited by the Labor Market Partners Commission for the purposes of the Act to promote workforce skills development and recognition.

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Industry-wide Solutions

Sustainable solutions that are easy to implement.

Field experience

Twenty five years of trial and error built into our training.

Integrated approach

Combines processes in a dynamic way to build custom AM protocols.


“In my forty years of practice in the field of Reliability, I can tell you, finding someone as passionate as Pascal is rare. He has the crucial knowledge of how to put theories into practice, making data speak in a way people can understand. Without a doubt, Pascal is more than competent in the field of Asset Management and Reliability.”


“Pascal is a dynamic, competent and passionate engineer! He is a dedicated teacher sharing his knowledge and experience in an efficient and logical way. It’s a real pleasure to work with him.”


“Pascal’s training created a system of connectivity throughout our departments and work-shifts bridging a serious gap in communications. This has led to the creation of a new working group which has helped us to identify resources we didn’t even know we had. This training has united us as a team making us proactive and efficient in the management of our assets.”


“With his education, his experience and his acquired knowledge, Pascal has a perfect mastery of everything related to asset management. His know-how and attitude make him an excellent teacher in the field. His way of interacting, his pedagogy and his dynamism make his seminars training places where it is easy to integrate, learn and assimilate the new material learned.”


“Mr. Pascal Clement is one of the best teachers I have had the chance to meet. He is a friendly, sociable, very open, very understanding person, always available and attentive to his students. He is always keen to share and transmit his knowledge. He is a seasoned and very passionate teacher who masters the subject he teaches very well. I am very fortunate to have had him as a teacher. I highly recommend Mr. Pascal Clement and you will never regret it.”


“I met Pascal Clement during one of his training on industrial maintenance. The training was aimed at professional participants and Pascal knew how to adapt his presentation to offer concrete working tools to supervisors or managers of industrial maintenance. Pascal has demonstrated a great knowledge and above all mastery in the concepts of industrial maintenance while popularizing the whole to offer accessible content.”



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