Industry-wide Solutions

Asset management fields of expertise

We have been working the following assets, to which the process applies perfectly.

Civil assets and infrastructures: Water systems – Industrial buildings – Bridges – Roads – Rock walls – Concrete dams – Embankment dam – Spillway or regulating works – Aqueducts – Penstocks – Hydraulic passages – Guard valves – Water intake valves – Hydrometeorological stations

Real estate assets and buildings: Buildings and structures – Water supply, collection and treatment systems – Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and treatment systems – Fire protection system – Power supply and emergency generators – Compressed air system – Hoists and elevators

Industrial assets: Power generators – Power transformers – Industrial control, measurement and protection systems – High pressure compressed air systems – Uninterruptible power supply systems – Overhead traveling cranes – Gantry cranes – Lifting systems – Hydraulic and oleopneumatic systems – Pumping stations – Collection systems – Dust collectors

Manufacturing assets: Robotic CNC machining cells – Conventional machining – Routers – Folders – Hydraulic presses – Coordinate measuring machine – Ovens

Mining and primary metal assets: Mining trucks – Conveyors – Shredders – Hoppers – Electrometallurgical tanks – Blast furnaces – Rotary ovens – Anode ovens – Pockets for liquid metal transport – Rams for liquid metal transporters – Service machines

Offshore and maritime assets: Oil tankers – Military ships – Propulsion system – Power supply – Ancillary Equipment

In fact, the analysis process involves all the physical assets supporting the success of your organization!