P-CAM Process

Final view

This final view of the P-CAM process expands the “Work load”, the “Execution constraints” and the “Capacity”.

Performance can only be achieved when these three elements are balanced. So they need to be defined, commonly understood and managed properly. They also need to be updated, following the business evolution.

The view also expands the “Dependabilty (RAMS) Analyzes” step.

To perform, know your assets. Not only the obvious production lines, but all of it, including buildings, ancillary equipment, civil infrastructures, roads, lands, mobile equipment, emergency systems, stand-by equipment and disaffected assets.

Make sure, as a TEAM, to clearly understand not only their purposes, but also their associated hazards and their vulnerabilities. So, the right decisions can be made to ensure the successful and safe operation of your business.

All of this knowledge is used to update the Performance-Centered Asset Management strategies.

P-CAM process - full view