P-CAM Process

View 3

This view of the P-CAM process expands the “Work planning, Preparation and Execution” step.

While chaos might feel good to certain people, it is always costly. So, to prevent drowning into disorganized work, where everything is more urgent than the top priority, you need to plan, prepare and execute work accordingly.

The view also expands the “Asset Analyzes” step.

This part is about valuing the data. How many of you are gathering real time data, without using it? There is no point suffering a failure to realize that you could have seen it coming weeks ahead, sometimes months.

Unused data is costly, very costly. It is of great value, when used to predict, plan, prepare and execute work just on time to prevent failures. It also is very useful to help discriminate between the major projects requirements – Capital Expenditure (Capex).

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P-CAM process - intermediate view